About us

We are Film på Gotland

Film på Gotland is one of Swedens nineteen regional filmcentras. Since mid 90’s we have worked to create a living and creative film climate on Gotland. Film and other moving pictures is an integrated part of our society and becomes more important in terms of how we communicate with each other every year. In the long run the ability to produce, understand and analyze moving images becomes a question about democracy.

“Gotlands will be one of the Baltic regions most attractive film regions, in film culture as well as film education. The film activity on Gotland will set standards for the whole country as well as abroad.”

from the Culture plan of Region Gotland 2014-2016

Film på Gotland is a part of Kultur- och fritidsförvaltningen in Region Gotland and also gets funding from the Swedish arts council. We also have a close relationship with the Swedish film institute who used to be our main mandator. We are a part of a national network of film resource centras and other film related institutions. The network is organized as a society, “Regionala resurscentrums samarbetsråd”.

Since the start in 1997, Film på Gotland have had it’s office in Visby, but during the spring of 2014 we moved up to Fårösund to become a part of Kustateljén together with Fårösunds Folkhögskola and Ungdomsgården Fårösund. We’re now situated in Kustparksvägen 6 so that we together can evolv the film climate on Gotland.