Features and television series

Since the early 2000s, Gotland has actively invested in films shot on the island. Gotland Film Fund is a regionally own company (and part of Filmregion Stockholm Mälardalen) that develops and invests in feature films and television series (not shorts) set or shot in/on Gotland. The film fund gives priority to projects that create attractiveness for Gotland and use local resources such as film crews, studio, locations etc. Gotland Film Fund invest in features but also provides support up to 50 000 SEK for development. Applicants should be an established production company and the application should describe how the support will be used and describe how it benefits Gotland.

Film commissioner at Gotland Film Fund is Lisa Widen (also head of production at Filmregion Stockholm Mälardalen): lisa.widen (a) frsm.se Cellphone: 0705-46 77 73. 

2014 Gotland Film Fund invested in the following films: Den värsta lögnen är den dokumentära, by Staffan Julen, feature (documentary) following Belarus writer Svetlana Alexejevitj. Epifanía, directed by Anna Eborn and Oscar Ruiz Navia (producer Erik Hemmendorff at Plattform Produktion) is about motherhood and Katarina Taikon, directed Lawen Mohtadi and Gellert Tamas), tells the life and struggle by rome, writer and human rights defender Katarina Taikon. Co-productions during the 2014-15 are Fever at Dawn (directed by Péter Gardos, Swedish producer Christer Nilson, Göta film) and Maria Wern, directed by Erik Leijonborg and produced by Martin Söder, Eyeworks.

Twice a year Film på Gotland support for script development for feature films. Support can be applied with a maximum of 10 000 SEK. The film has to aim at being shot partly or wholly on Gotland. Also keep an eye out for our calls for film residency Gotland Film Lab (2 times a year). Here you can receive support 20 000/40 000 SEK including maximum three weeks stay on Gotland.

Contact Film på Gotland: Paola Ciliberto on paola@filmpagotland.se or 0737-65 82 45