Gotland Film Lab

Gotland Film Lab – supporting filmmakers

Gotland Film Lab is a project 2014-2017 that aims at developing new, sustainable methods of supporting filmmakers and artists and creating a laboratory for artistic experiments and interdisciplinary collaborations.

The Film Lab involves accommodation (maximum 3 weeks), a grant of either SEK 20.000 (individual artistic work) or SEK 40.000 (collaborative work) to cover travel, fees/salaries, subsistence and contribute to production costs, access to the film studio Kustateljén in Fårösund and to the Notation sound studio at the Visby International Centre for Composers.


The residency

The residency is ideal for individuals and teams who want time and space to create new work, bring existing work to completion, or experiment with new modes of production. Projects in all stages of production are welcome, but support will preferably be granted for early stage development for bringing together possible collaborators to explore a common language for a future film/work.

Gotland Film Lab offers three, two- to three-week long residencies between September 1st and December 15th. Gotland Film Lab residency invites national and international emerging and mid- career professionals to apply from the Nordic and Baltic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) as well as Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Gotland Film Lab is a pilot project organized in collaboration with BAC–Baltic Art Center, Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators, Bergman Estate on Fårö, Film på Gotland (and film studio Kustateljén in Fårösund) and Visby International Centre for Composers.

Download application form here: GFL_Residency_Application_AW15

Projects spring/summer 2016:

Milena by Sharon Lockhart (USA) at BAC–Baltic Art Center, Visby with 40 000 SEK. Art project. Development/shooting on Gotland.

Questan by Zanyar Adami (Sweden/Iraq), French Quarter Film, 40 000 SEK. Script development actors/director/writer.

Torino Film Lab c/o Gotland Film Lab. We are in the end of August honoured to invite  Torino Film Lab and three international feature projects in development at TFLs workshop Audience Design. Film på Gotland/Kustateljén. For more info look at

Projects 2015

Nonhlanhla and Sakhile Dlamini from pinkdowry

Pink Dowry by filmmaker Nonhlanhla and Sakhile Dlamini (Swaziland) at Film på Gotland/Kustateljén, with 40 000 SEK. (Documentary, development)

Experimental documentary The name of what is Maidan? by researcher and filmmaker Liza Babenko (Ukraine) at BAC–Baltic Art Center, Visby with 20 000 SEK (development).

People We Know are Confused by scriptwriter Birutė Kapustinskaitė and director Tomas Smulkis (Lithuania) at Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators, Visby with 20 000 SEK (Script development)

Forheim by filmmaker and photographer Petter Ringbom (USA/Sweden) at Bergman Estate, Fårö with 20 000 SEK. Feature, development. Shooting: The Limestone Conflict, 9 min.

Transsiberian Residency by Maria Kotyachkova (curator) and artists Timo Menke (Sweden) Susanne Skog (Sweden), Ilya Grishaev (Russia) and Nadezhda Gorokhova (Russia). 40 000 SEK.Baltic Art Center/Film på Gotland/Kustateljén.

Radioarctica by Oleg Khadartsev and Zhanna Guzenko/Fridaymilk (Russia). 40 000 SEK

Min Elskede loper, by Halfdan Ullmann Tondel/Frokost film (Norway), 20 000 SEK. Production/shooting on Fårö.

Farther than the eye can see, by Joshua Bonnetta (Canada) and Ulrich Ziemons(Germany). Experimental workshop about how to use landscapes in video art/cinema. togehter with Sada – (Swedish Academy for Dramatic Arts) master students.

Projects in Gotland Film Lab 2014

Anna Eborn director of Epifania

Epifania, by Anna Eborn (Sweden) and Oscar Navia Ruiz (Colombia) with team, Plattform produktion, documentary. Production/shooting on Gotland. Bergman Estate. 50 000 SEK.

English Forecast by Nicoline von Harskamp, art video aimed for Tate Gallery, London.50 000 SEK

Bergman variations, Two short workshop films, Rovers in the Night by Baker Karim and Scener by Sofia Norlin. Interpretations of scenes from Ingmar Bergmans Scenes from a Marriage. Recorded at Kustateljén film studio/Film på Gotland.

Sofia Norlin under Open Set 2014. Under Gotland Film Lab. Foto: Nina Wennström