Filmer under produktion

Films in production
The shopping center/My burden. Animation
Niki Lindroth von Bahr’s latest animation Simhall premiered at the Gothenburg Film Festival in 2014, inspired by Hemsebadet and with support from Film Gotland. Since then it has been shown at the Sundance Film Festival and won the Grand Jury Prize at the animation festival in Annecy. The shopping center/My burden is also an animation and a dystopian musical about commersialism in the rubble of a future world. Niki Lindroth von Bahr spends summers in Stånga, southern Gotland. Support: 10 000 SEK. 2015
Very Fine Women. Short film Very Fine Women is a short film by Emma Source about how Sindy during a festive evening violate the norms and expectations. Emma Source has previously made the film “We go in childhood track” with her sister who won awards at Stockholm festival spring roll, Stockholm’s equivalent of Gotland Quickpix. Development aid: 5000 kr. 2015
Je Reviens, Leo Nouchi. Music video Music video directed by French-Swedish Leo Nouchi with a background in television. Je Reviens is a music video with the Franco-Swedish artist Eskelina. Eskelina dream away from the big city of Paris to Gotland barren wintry beaches and wild landscapes. Shot in December 2014 on Fårö and in Fårösund. Support 10 000 SEK.

Tvivlets blick, Hampus Nordenson. Short Born on the island of Gotland and now a student at the film school in Lodz, Poland, Hampus Nordenson returns to Gotland for the filming of the short film of doubt gaze. The support is aimed for script development and for finding film locations on the east coast of Gotland. Recording takes place in the summer. Grant: 10 000 SEK.

Rabbits, by Mervi Kekarainen and Kristina Frank. Short film/video work. Two rabbits falls down on the planet and begin to explore life on earth. The film is a mixture of documentary and performance. Kristina Frank is an animator and Mervi Kekarainen an artist and filmmakers, whose previous films have been screened at festivals and SVT. Both are residents in Visby. Grant: 7,000 SEK.

She wants to live, by Ina Porselius. Short/video work A film by Ina Porselius about her sister, who, in her teens was diagnosed with Asbergers. Although she can barely ride a bus, leave her room and go to school, she has a dream to go to Tokyo, where the two sisters now go together. Ina Porselius was talent during the Bergman Week and now goes to art school in Bergen. Grant: 7000 SEK

Gotland-Romania by Elin Bååth. Elin Bååth is a high school teacher and politically active within the feminist party and has for a year been involved in needy EU citizens situation on the island. 10 years ago she went to Romania in a gender equality project and vowed never to return. Instead Romania came to Gotland there today for a number of Romanians begging to survive. Today go Elin back to Romania, but with two of his new best friends Genesa and Dimitru showing her his homeland. Supporting 3,000 kr.

The child, Karin Ekberg. Short film. The child is about the feelings, thoughts, actions and how the environment handles miscarriages, children who die unborn or shortly after birth. The film follows filmmaker Karin Ekberg’s mother and her story but also a couple who had a miscarriage and their expectations and feelings when they become pregnant again. The question is raised how stillborn fetuses and their families are handled by healthcare. In Visby, Sweden’s only children’s memorial park for the unborn child is located, created by now retired chaplain Astrid Wretmark.
Support: 10 000 SEK. 2014

Mars the Magnificent, Martin Wiman and Malcolm Dixelius.
The film Mars the Magnificent is the astonishing story and the unsolved mystery of what happened with Erik XIV’s warships in March 1564. Unique nyfilmade underwater photographs along with a dramatization of historical events put together a picture of a previously unknown part of our Swedish history. The film is a 60 minute documentary film for SVT in foreign co-production with German ZDF. Dramatization were recorded for 5 days last summer in Visby during the Medieval Week. Photographer Leif Eiranson and several extras and actors are Gotlanders. The film is produced by Martin Wiman and Malcolm Dixelius / Deep Sea Productions. Support: 10 000 SEK. 2014

Katarina Taikon film, the Gellert Tamas and Lawen Mohtadi. Documentary feature film / TV series. Katarina Taikons destiny is a class journey and an look at the roma minoritys living conditions in Sweden. The film tells the story about her background as an orphan, rom, cultural personality and human rights activist. Katarina Taikon spent many summers on Gotland – she rented the existing factory Furillen, where she wrote the famous autobiographical Katitzi-books – and in 1972 she bought a house in Lärbro where she lived with her companion Björn Langhammar. Gellert Tamas, the author of the book and director of the documentary film about the Laser Man produces and directs a television version of SVT and a feature distributed by TriArt. Theatrical release will be in the fall 2015. The film is based on the book “The day I became free” if Catherine Taikon by journalist and author Lawen Mohtadi who is also co-director.
Support: 10 000 SEK. 2014

Rag doll, Åsa Sjöström. Animation. Åsa Sjöström is an experienced animator who lived and taught in Gotland in animation and through his career made many animations later “A twilight story” from the mid-00s. Rag doll is about a trasdockas life. Åsa Sjöström seeking support for cooperation with the animator Kristina Frank. Support: 3000 SEK. 2014

Return to the night, Richard Dinter. Documentary. Back to the Night is a film about the night that location and condition. The recorded at night, and use of the poet Willy Granqvist’s classic long poem The Night thread and dramaturgical beacon. A portion of the film is shot on Gotland and follows in particular the poet and librarian Christer Boberg. “Christer is central to the film. He is among the writers who have a strong relationship with Willy Granqvist’s long poem. In addition to filming at the home of Christer, I and photographer Albin Hoglund (Biblom) to go out and film the night on Gotland, “writes Richard Dinter in its application. The film has also received the support of Längmanska Cultural Fund and Filmpool Jämtland and co-produced by SVT.Support: 10 000 SEK. 2014

Bastard, Anki Magnusson / Josephine Broman. The Bastard is a motion picture / detective story set in the small community Ronehamn on Gotland and revolves around the murder of a child. Scriptwriters Josephine Broman, educated at the Dramatic Institute (whose entire graduating class, Bergman Prize 2000) and Anki Magnusson, award-winning author and playwright and summer visitor to Gotland in the right Ronehamn. Writers duo seeking support for research and script development. Support: 10 000 SEK. 2014

Sandwich hotel, by George Tiller. George Tiller, based with production Suboscura Films in Austria, has a history of Gotland as the originator of the experimental documentary film “Persona Beach ‘, a hike in Bergman’s footsteps at Faro and meeting with the people he met there and their attitude to Bergman. Now he is back with a new film, this time together with the Swedish production LittleBig Production, to make a feature film that mixture of one that switches documentary with fictional material in the film noir-style with Somali Eddie Weki in the role of detective Weki and number of other accommodation in Grabo in the lead roles. The film has been granted approximately 800 000 in development aid from Austria and recorded entirely in Grabo.

Support: 10 000 SEK. 2014

Home sweet home, by Kristina Frank. Animation / Short. A documentary art film of the Gotland-based animator/artist Kristina Frank. The film raises questions about why we have such high standards for our homes and what a home means both emotionally and materially. How small home can be really? Kristina explores his own ascetic lifestyle in search of a home and reflect on consumer society, the need to own and at the same time the search for personal freedom, security and identity. Support: 7000 kr. 2014

The fight for Ojnareskogen/Colony Lapland. Filmmaker Håkan Berthas has for three years followed the dramatic events surrounding the planned limestone quarry in Bunge. Bertha has followed the right processes and demonstrations in the woods surrounding the harvesting, conducted in-depth interviews with environmentalists, representatives of Nordkalk, police officers and experts in various fields. The material is now going up in the movie colony Lapland on mining in northern Sweden on the Sami land, with award-winning Linda Västrik (The dancing forest spirits) as co-director, with support from the Film Institute and SVT and Canadian co-producer. Håkan Bertha trained at the International Center of Photography in New York, Dramatic Institute and Linda Västrik on blah Dramatic Institute’s documentary line. Support 10 000 2014

From Nazist to woman, by Ylva Floreman.Ylva Floreman is an established Skåne filmmakers blah made the documentary film “Who cares” of 1999 a group of young Nazis in Tomelilla. One of the then young guys came from Gotland. Long time has passed and he has moved back to Gotland, trained as a pilot and started a family and two children. Life is pretty good except for one thing – he wants to become a woman. Support: 10 000 SEK (2013)